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Why do you need a logo for your product?
Convenient product identification
Product track record requirements
Increase the added value of products
Improve efficiency and reduce costs
State laws and regulations
Make each product to have good traceability, which greatly facilitate the quality and product regional management
It can make the product stand out from the competition and improve brand awareness
The  improved coding logo mark will increase consumer's trust and added value of the product
Automatic online code improves production efficiency and significantly reduces labor costs
National laws and regulations mandate the use of clear labels on packaging
Factory tour
Continuous research and development of innovative technologies significantly reduce acquisition costs
Service Hotline
159 1621 0892
Our advantages
We are not your only choice, but you will not be wrong to choose us
Research and Development
After-sales service
Well jet has a research and development team, composed of experts who have numerous experience in the industry, who constantly pursue technological breakthroughs, and has achieved development recently.
Professional R&D team to provide you with customized identification solutions to meet your special application coding needs.
We strictly control all aspects of production, the main electronic components from the United States, and important parts from Switzerland. The advanced integrated design and the use of imported core parts to ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment requirements.
The high efficiency and high quality after-sales service team will provide customers with one-stop service such as product debugging and maintenance in a timely manner, including machine installation and operator training to ensure the best performance of the machine. We will help customers improve their maintenance skills through training and  custom-training programs for your application and production plans. Perfect after-sales service outlets and network promised to provide 24 hours nonstop service.
About us
Zhuhai Welljet Technology co., ltd. is located in the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. We are  automation equipment providers that specialize on comprehensive professional CIJ inkjet, laser marking machine, Thermal inkjet, DOD inkjet, product traceability and other automation equipment. The company is equipped with an experienced and skilled sales and after-sales service team, which is guided by R&D and production and focuses on product quality and user experience.....
时间间隔任   务每 周检查喷头/必要时清洗喷头/检查墨芯有无漏墨每 月清洗喷头/检查墨芯有无漏墨/检查电气仓/机身周围保持干净每 年清洗喷头/检查电气仓/检查墨水仓风扇滤网*实际时间间隔取决于运转状况,并在安装时设定。检查喷头1.检查前先...
随着喷码机行业的发展,现在的喷码机种类非常的多,而不同的喷码机的主要适用范围是有所不同的。现在,详细的为大家介绍目前市场上的主要喷码机类型的适用范围。1、小字符喷码机  小字符喷码机是近才被研发出来的一种喷码机,由于是新产品,因此这种喷码机...
Cooperation with the customer
Professional R&D team to provide you with customized identification/logo solutions to meet your special application coding needs
Service Hotline
159 1621 0892
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